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My fiancé's rendition of me.

I was born in Argentina, but moved with my family (mom, dad, two sisters) to the U.S. when I was young.

At my house, we always spoke Spanish with my parents (we still do), but English unavoidably started taking over and between my sisters and me, Spanglish became the official language.

I played lots of soccer and tennis growing up, eventually quitting soccer to focus on tennis, only to quit tennis a couple of years later upon realizing that I wouldn't be as good as I wanted to be. (I wanted to play at Stanford and then go pro.)

I studied computer science at the University of Florida, where I also met my future fiancé, and after graduating, I moved to Seattle to work at a tech company.

In 2020, after many failed drafts during the previous three years, I wrote The Nights We Won't Forget, and in 2021, I published it.

Timeline for those interested

Oh, forgot to mention I'm a huge fan of emojis. I've been holding back so far, trying to be professional, but I can hold back no longer. Apologies in advance.

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I'm not that interesting, but, hey, here's some more about me.

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