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A sunny day in Austin, TX.

I'm the author of The Nights We Won't Forget.

I was born in Argentina, but now live in Austin, TX.

I've been a tennis instructor (high school), a call center "specialist" (college), and most recently, a software engineer.

I'm always up for a good laugh, drink too much coffee, and am deathly scared of having my teeth fall out.

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The Nights We Won't Forget Book Cover

The Nights We Won't Forget

All feelings fade, even those you thought would drown you.

College so far has been underwhelming, but our narrator is convinced this will be his year, the one where he gets the girl and becomes comfortable in his own skin.

But when a new arrival turns his world upside down, the resulting year is unlike anything he envisioned.

This will be a year of first love and first heartbreak; of alcohol, drugs, and sex; of anxiety and doubt. But there's redemption to be found in growing up and moving on. Maybe even in new love...

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